Miranda Bowen Animal Portraits And Lili Wen Textile design

Based in Carmarthenshire, Miranda Bowen is a self-taught artist specialising in animal portraits, mainly of cattle and horses. Her paintings hang on the walls of well-known herds including Jerland,Brynhyfryd, Erie, Lyganlan, Gwynnog, Capthorn, Stilbrook, Olchfa,Solfach, Nickel and Glanmor, as well as Sianwood, Thistlerose, Nattai,Judaroo, Eckbaken, Ysselvieldts, Rhoson, Heniarth, Penwood, Pumlon, Raciand Gelliglyd horse studs.

Miranda lives on a dairy farm (Lan Holsteins) with her husband Robert,her two children, and an assortment of animals. Brought up on a dairy farm and with a love for horses, she is passionate about all aspects of the countryside.

As well as animal portraits Miranda also produces the Lili Wen range of   textile items, many made using recycled fabrics. Every piece is unique, and the cushions and bags can be made up in nearly any design. The range of Jockey colour cushions are very popular, being sold as far a field as Barbados, in the well known colours of Mr Michael Tabor.