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Click on to this link which takes you to a map on Farmers Weekly site where you can source your farm gate milk. Where to buy milk straight from the farm

MILK We are continually asked, Where can I purchase milk that pays the farmer a good price? Well this is a minefield but here is a brief insight into this very complex business. There are small dairies who source their product locally, pay a good price and sell through local farm shops and door step deliveries. These should be your first port of call. There are also a few of the big retailers who have what is called 'a dedicated supply'. Marks & Spencer and Waitrose - these have their own group of 'dedicated supply' milk producers and they pay them the cost of production which is currently 32.41p per litre (this being what it costs the farmer to produce a litre of milk) Tesco, Co-op and Sainsbury also have a group of dedicated suppliers who are also paid the cost of production but these are just small groups and these along with Waitrose and M & S only make up 20% of the 10,000 dairy producers in the UK. The remaining 80% of milk producers receive at the moment somewhere between 18/20ppl with the cost of production aroung 32ppl, thus they are making a loss of between 14p/12p loss on each litre produced. Click here for League table of prices paid (as at June 2015) Retailers continually devalue milk, using it as a loss leader simply to get consumers in through the doors, tempting them with cut price milk. This has got to stop. Milk is virtually a complete food and should be treated and valued as such. Nutritionally, milk has been defined as "the most nearly perfect food". It provides more essential nutrients in significant amounts than any other single food. Milk is an outstanding source of calcium and phosphorus for bones and teeth, and contains riboflavin, vitamins B6, A and B1 in significant amounts. It also contains B12, the antipernicious anaemia vitamin. This is a simplistic view of the dairy sector but if you would like more detailed information go to

CHEESE & YOGURT You will find that much of the 'value' branded cheese contains milk from outside the UK, in some cases 2,3 or even 4 countries. Much of the 'value' yogurt is made with imported milk. MEAT Please read the label, again especially with minced product we have found items containing meat from up to 5 countries in one packet.

LABELLING Please read the label on all products before you purchase, look out for the Red Tractor logo which means it come sup to British Welfare standards and is invariably British. You will find that you will become addicted to reading labels after a while, also great to get the children reading labels as well, as these are our customers of the future and we need them to be brought up buying British food.