Childrens Banner Competition

Well moment has arrived, this is when I put my head in the noose! Firstly although only had 18 entries, thank you to all the children for the efforts, they were all great and it was a joy to look through them all. We looked for ones that had animals on them and were not just about one type of farming. There were some that unfortunately were not freehand and used graphics, were over age (ie criteria under 12 yrs) shame but one had dollar signs.

  • 1st James Henry Age 9 from Northallerton - James' banner was exceptional, beautifully painted and it was full size. A lot of work must have gone into that, so well done James. A hoodie of your choice will be willing its way to you together painting/drawing equipment.
  • 2nd Taran Age 9 from Carmarthen - love the bright yellow happy face, reference to Old Macdonald and the animals along the fence. Again a lot of thought, well done Taran. Painting/drawing equipment on its way.
  • 3rd Julia Grigg Age 9 from Bideford - banners within a banner, red tractor logo and love the hand message. Certainly getting the message across. Well done Julia. Painting/drawing equipment on its way.

All other runners up will be receiving a special rosette

We are holding a competition for children under the age of 12 to create an original banner design for the Farming to London March 2016. The idea is that the designs be e mailed, messaged or posted in and will be displayed online before being judged as the most creative and inspirational. It will give the children who will not be attending the March due to school commitments a sense of involvement. For those who are attending and are creating a banner to take to London, a photograph will be acceptable of their design. No computer graphics to be used, It must be totally freehand.

CLOSING DATE WILL BE WEDNESDAY 9 MARCH 2016 Here are all the entries received, bit disappointing but all very good. Few didnt have chance to get finished as they were done in Kids Club and they had to leave! A few used graphics and we had a couple over age. But very enjoyable looking through them and well done children. Winner to be announced on Monday.

1st James Henry Age 9 Northallerton

2nd Taran Age 9 Carmarthen

Julia Grigg Age 9 Bideford

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Madog Montinaro Age 9 Carmarthen

Dewi Aged 6 (Not finished) Carmarthen

Oliver Age 10 (Not finished) Carmarthen

Lottie Horn Age 11 Southampton

Mable Montinaro Age 10 Carmarthen

Elgan Age 8 Carmarthen

Martha Gornall Age 6 Clitheroe

Sid Horn Age 10 Southampton

Kaleb Fajimolu Age 7 Brentwood

James Henry Age 9 Northallerton

Julia Grigg Age 9 Bideford

Taran Age 9 Carmarthen

Cadi Age 9 Carmarthen

Rosie Hodges Age 11 Wincanton

Anna Hodges Age 13 Wincanton

Ewan Age 7 and Finley Aged 5 (Shadrick) Devon

Abigail Morrell Age 12 Harrogate

Harry Horn Age 7 Southampton