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We continue to lobby on the issue of imported lamb being sole at most major retailers in vast quantities at discounted prices.We want to do more on this and we definitely need to be at someone's gates but I am afraid we are getting very little support from sheep farmers and this is your industry.

We are currently being told by a major red meat processor that most retailers have stocks of NZ going well into July, so think on and if you wish FFA to take action, please let us know, we are prepared to do something but we need the people who produce this wonderful British product to let us know what they want to do, either stand up for themselves or leave things stand?  Let us know at


Those of you who are not members, we would urge you to join as without our membership, we cannot continue to lobby effectively on all the issues that affect our industry. Membership is £50 pa, that is just 96p per week to be part of an organisation that dares to go where others would not dip their toe!

Go to give us a ring on 01291 690224/07710 640567 where you can join up.


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Farming to London March 2016

Please note that our above proposed March on 23 March 2016 is representing all sectors of the farming community.


Two welsh towns, two retailers poles apart.

ALDI Abergavenny today full to the gunnels with British Beef, Pork, Lamb & Chicken.

TESCO today Carmarthen full to the gunnels with NZ lamb.

One is willing the other is fuelled by greed.

So all sheep farmers fill up your fuel tanks for plenty of action for next 3 weeks



Unfortunately today following weeks of e mails, phone calls and meetings, talks between Farmers For Action/North Wales sheep farmer representatives with Tesco have irrevocably broken down. The reason being that Tesco at board level are refusing to hand over figures on imports of NZ lamb which was requested at a recent joint meeting with NFU, (England and Wales), FFA and North Wales sheep representatives.

Today's meeting was arranged following a meeting last week to discuss how British sheep farmers could forge closer relationships with Tesco and also to discuss the serious issue of volume imports of NZ lamb. Over recent weeks FFA have met with a number of retailers on the above issue and we feel we have made a great deal of progress within the lamb market with retailers such as Asda, the Co-op and others. So it is with great disappointment that again Tesco, who state they are the biggest supporter of British farmers, are not prepared to even discuss changing the British sheep farming industry so that it becomes profitable for all parties involved in this industry and the supply chain. The breakdown completely surrounds displacing NZ lamb for British and the fact that Tesco will not commit to importing less and allowing British sheep farmers to replace that product. Tesco's excuse is that they have to provide their consumer with best value (what they don't say - is at the expense of the British sheep industry) Tesco think by offering a few people fancy contracts they have done their bit to be able to say they are the biggest supporter of British farming.

It disappoints FFA greatly that these talks have broken down. We have tried through all channels to reach a successful conclusion that would not only benefit British sheep farmers but would help Tesco on its road to recovery. We will continually keep working with all others in the lamb supply chain who are willing to put their money where their mouth is for the benefit of this sector. What we will not have is our industry run by dictators.

(At FFA we are under no illusion that with an NFU election looming, a rabbit may yet come out of the hat as the NFU do some deal with Tesco, (their very close partners), announcing in the run up to the election, they have achieved something others failed to deliver. All we would say to both FFA and NFU members is NFU's and Tesco's promises over the last three years have not really come to fruition, so for any deal make sure you read the small print)

Christmas should be a happy time, a time of celebration, but we are sorry to say that for Tesco this may well not be the case but as farmers we will make sure every little helps!



FFA's Chairman David Handley has just returned from a meeting with another retailer, the topics at the meeting were around the issue of importation of NZ lamb and how British sheep farmers could displace this product if the retailers were prepared to support. This was a very forthright meeting where both parties put their case as to where they stood on this issue. Some progress was made and they have stated they will report to FFA at the beginning of next week.

Also at the meeting DH proposed a COP formula which has already been put to another retailer. This was welcomed and led to a lot of discussion around how this would deliver a sustainable price to British lamb producers. It would have to be linked to the grades of lamb required by the customer and that any lambs that fell outside of that would obviously be bought on a market valuation. This created a great deal of debate as the retailer could see they would be getting the product they required and would not be saddled with carcasses outside of their specifications. They were going to go away and have discussions with their supplying abattoirs and again would be back at the beginning of the week with their views. DH said he found it a very positive meeting and he saw no reason why this formula could not be rolled out right across the lamb industry but was also conscious that we have to make sure that somehow this also gets transferred through to the livestock auction system which FFA believes needs to be kept as a true indication of market values. Since returning DH has had two e mails from other retailers who wish to show interest and meet with FFA.